About Joshua House

Joshua House is a baby home that will serve as a temporary place of safe care for babies who have not had the best start in life; they have been orphaned due to various circumstances (the HIV Aids epidemic being the main contributing factor), abandoned due to unplanned pregnancies, poverty, desperate situations or legally relinquished for adoption.

We admit babies from 0-2 years old, which are legally placed in our care by a registered Child Protection Organisation.

The babies stay with us on a short-term basis (6-12 months), pending the legal and medical assessment process to find the best placement option for the child. This permanency plan could either be re-unification with their families, adoption or foster care.

During their short-term stay, we offer them love, emotional support, medical/nutritional care and stability for traumatised children. Our aim is to have a powerful and positive impact on their lives while they need alternative care, pending their permanent placement.

At the Joshua Home, we rely solely on donations both in the way of finances and consumables. Should you be interested in making a donation, our bank details are below. A list of our daily needs, which are obviously very important for the health and well-being of each of our babies, will be happily sent to you on request.