Volunteer at Joshua House

A little help goes a far way!!!

Volunteers of any faith background are more than welcome to come work with us at the Joshua House. To apply as a local volunteer please download the supporting documents below and once filled in submit the below mentioned with the form to the right:

  • Three references (within the application)
  • Police Clearance Form (because you are working with vulnerable children)

Once you have been screened (this is to protect our children) you will be put on the schedule by our volunteer coordinator.

Working with the coordinator you can plan regular shifts (a minimum of 2 hours) either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. If your availability isn't as regular you can simply call us ahead of time to see what times you can be most helpful. For further questions contact our coordinator at volunteer@joshua-house.co.za

Working with the babies, although is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding. We consider what we do at Joshua House as a calling not a job, the end result is all our babies receive a level of care only paralleled by their future adoptive families.

We thank you for the interest shown in volunteering with us. The giving of your time and love will leave a footprint on the lives of our babies, the sense of being loved and cared for at a time when they had no-one, will ensure their future strength and success!